Mediation is a cost-effective way to manage and resolve conflicts. Through mediation, parties can come to a mutually satisfactory resolution of their legal matters.

Williams, Hall & Latherow, LLP, has an active mediation practice, having helped with hundreds of cases. We assist other lawyers and their clients with dispute resolution for many civil law matters including those related to personal injury, contract, insurance and business.

Work With Well-Trained, Experienced Mediators

Alternative dispute resolution techniques are gaining momentum in the legal world. In fact, many courts in eastern Kentucky and throughout the region are requiring cases to go through the mediation process before setting a date for trial.

Our attorneys are well-versed in mediation techniques. Kenneth Williams Jr. and Geoff Marsh are all trained mediators, having completed the course provided by the Mediation Center of Kentucky. And David Latherow received training in mediation from the American Arbitration Association. In addition to their formal training, our team uses their past mediation experiences, vast civil litigation backgrounds, and the latest industry publications to assist with the successful mediation of disputes.

Contact Us To Discuss Your Legal Matter

To discuss your options for mediation, contact our office at 606-393-4790. Or send us an online message using the secure form on this page.

We typically perform mediation at our office in downtown Ashland. However, if you prefer, we will also make ourselves available at a location of your convenience.